Great links and other resources for Spanish

Surface Languages – Spanish
This a nice collection of phrases (with audio!) for different situations. Free!

50 Languages – Spanish
Similar to the previous website. I like the little exercise that it kind of forces you to do. The website is free! They also have a mobile app which is not free.

Bookbox stories with subtitles – Spanish
These are stories with Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles. Although they are meant for children, some of the stories are quite interesting. Anyway it’s nice change for more serious language learning material. Free! Level: beginner and intermediate

Yabla Spanish
This is a great collection of videos for learning Spanish. There are videos for many levels. And many of the videos are TV originally meant for native speakers. What is also great is that you can turn on subtitles in Spanish or English or both at the same, or you can just turn them off altogether. Also you can read the transcripts of the videos. There are some free videos but using the website costs $9.95 per month. I would call it a good investment if this seems like a way that you like to learn. The videos are from various Spanish-speaking countries.

The website LingQ (and its smartphone app) is one of my favorite places to learn languages. The free version is great but if you pay you get some quite useful tools that is likely to speed up the learning process. I’ve used it for Spanish as well. The idea is that you can listen and read to different kind of texts, and even natural conversations and interviews.
I especially enjoyed reading (and listening to) Steve’s book where he talks about his adventures in living and travelling in different countries. In the book, he also explained his approach and techniques for language learning which I found very inspiring and entertaining.

Podclub podcast – Spanish
This is a nice podcast with interesting topics. The audio is good quality too. The host of this podcast is a Spaniard (ie. from Spain).
Free! Level: upper beginner and intermediate

Simply Learn Spanish
This is a nice mobile app. They have separate apps for Mexican Spanish and Spanish of Spain. These apps work both on Android and iOS. Try the free version. I like the fact that you add your favorites to a list. Also I think it is good that it hides the Spanish sentence initially.

WordPower – Spanish
I like many things about this mobile app. I’ve used it recently to learn Russian and Japanese. WordPower Finnish shows pictures and has many example sentences with audio. You can also make lists. This helps you to concentrate your studies more on useful vocabulary. Try the free version and see if you like it too.

Assimil Spanish with Ease
Assimil is a great language learning text book with a huge amount of dialogues and high-quality audio. The book even includes some comics. The book teaches Spanish of Spain.

Comics in Spanish
Personally I love using comics in my language studies. They often have natural dialogues, and the pictures help you figure out the meaning. Some libraries may have comics in Spanish (at least here in Helsinki and Espoo). There are also some web comics. I may add links to them later.

HelloTalk app
HelloTalk is a free language exchange app which connects you to native speakers of Spain. You can practice writing Spanish to them and there are some nice correction tools.

Let’s not forget that here at Language Nuggets we have some great material for conversational Spanish too.

What resources do you like to use in your Spanish studies?

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