Great links and other resources for Finnish

Sometimes you hear that there aren’t many resources for learning Finnish in the web. This blog post should prove that this is not the case.

Supisuomea is a video course for Finnish.
We may not be looking at the sexiest and the most interesting video series in history. But hey, they are videos, and you can always watch a video or two even if you are a bit tired, right?

Surface Languages – Finnish
This a nice collection of phrases (with audio!) for different situations. Free!

50 Languages – Finnish
Similar to the previous website. I like the little exercise that it kind of forces you to do. The website is free! They also have a mobile app which is not free.

Simply Learn Finnish
A nice mobile app. Works on both Android and iOS. Try the free version. I like the fact that you add your favorites to a list. Also I think it is good that it hides the Finnish sentence initially.

WordPower Finnish
I like many things about this mobile app. I’ve used it recently to learn Russian and Japanese. WordPower Finnish shows pictures and has many example sentences with audio. You can also make lists. This helps you to concentrate your studies more on useful vocabulary. Try the free version and see if you like it too.

Yle Uutiset selkosuomeksi
Here you can read and listen to news in simplified Finnish, if that is your cup of tea.

Yle Areena
At this website, you can find the videos of YLE which is a state owned broadcasting company, similar to BBC in the UK and NHK in Japan. Most of the shows you can only watch in Finland, or with a VPN service (or some similar trick).
   Anyway this website is great. Even the Finnish TV shows often have Finnish subtitles. At Yle Areena, you can watch movies, documentaries, interviews, series, news, and almost everything else.

Assimil for Finnish
If you know French you are very lucky because you can use Assimil Finnois. Assimil is a great language learning textbook with high quality audio, and even some comics.

Comics in Finnish
Personally I love using comics in my language studies. They often have natural dialogues, and the pictures help you figure out the meaning. Many Finnish libraries have comics. There are also some web comics. I may add links to them later.

HelloTalk app
HelloTalk is a free language exchange app which connects you to Finns. You can practice writing Finnish to them and there are some nice correction tools.

Let’s not forget that here at Language Nuggets we have some great material for conversational Finnish too.

What resources do you like to use in your Finnish studies?

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