Common Questions 1 (Meeting Yukiya)

You can find the whole English translation under the gallery too.

“Hi, my name is Max.” “Hi, I’m Yukiya.”
“Are you Japanese?” “Yes I am.”
“Are you Finnish?” “Yep, just Finnish.”
“‘Yuki’ means snow, right?” “True! What (lit. what miracle)?! Can you speak Japanese?”
“Just a little. What does your whole first name mean?” “Yukiya means ‘snow-arrow'”
“Oh, quite a mysterious name!” “Maybe” “How do you study Finnish?”
“I use a couple of apps. I also read comics and simplified books.” “Sounds good.”
“It was fun talking with you, but I need to go.” “Okay, see you.”
“See ya.” (“Nähään” is just shortened “nähdään”. Both are used a lot in spoken language.”