behind the scenes

Language Nuggets

Language Nuggets aims to teach natural spoken Finnish in a way that is both fun and effective. That is why I decided to use comics with English translations. The comics were created with the ComiPo

This website contains other material too, such as learning tips and links to other useful websites and apps. I do not get any money from ads. 

While there are many other important areas in life too, I see languages as a great way to connect with other people, because not everyone in the world is comfortable speaking English. You could say that it is a form of diplomacy. Knowing the local language makes it easier to understand the surrounding culture and its people too.

About the Founder

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Max Pinomaa and I am the creator of this website and its content. I love languages (including my native language Finnish) and learning them. Also I enjoy exploring other cultures in different languages through books, podcasts, films and comics.

I have lived almost my whole life in Helsinki, or close to it, which obviously has affected my Finnish. In “real life”, I work in a kindergarten. In the past, I have also worked in other fields such as tourism and a bit in IT. 

You can contact me with the form here or through the Language Nuggets Facebook page.