Fun things to watch during these challenging times (mostly in English)

“Jokes are emotional parachutes.” – Eric Idle

That is why I have collected links to fun interviews, TV shows and movies. I would be happy to hear your suggestions too.

I’m not saying that you should forget everything else in life and just watch silly videos.

But let’s not forget that laughing is good for you in many ways, for example strengthening your immune system, and that of the people around you.

David Gaffigan was almost eaten by a bear (Team Coco) Also I recommend listening to his interview in Conan’s podcast which made me laugh a lot. He is a so-called “clean comedian” but often really funny anyway.

South Park has some really funny episodes. It’s a cartoon which gives them more freedom to make fun of super embarrassing taboo topics too. I haven’t watched many of the new ones, but here are some good classics:
More Crap about Randy’s stomach problems
Fantastic Easter Special
Proper Condom Use where Mr Mackey has to give sex education even though he doesn’t know much about it.
Christians Rock Hard where Cartman starts a Christian rock band.
Chinpoko Mon (a Pokemon parody that turns into a conflict between Japan and the US)

There are many other great South Park episodes too. What is your favorite?

People are boring, by George Carlin. I don’t agree with this but I think the videos is pretty funny anyway, for example describing the way some people get stuck on minor details.

Wingman (Luottomies) is a Finnish comedy series that was International Emmy Awards Nominee in 2019. If you want, you can turn on English or Finnish subtitles.

Always Be My Maybe (trailer) is a comedy movie mostly about American Asians in San Fransisco. I enjoyed it. In my opinion, the Keanu Reeves cameo was hilarious.

The Mighty Boosh might still be my favorite comedy show. It’s from the UK, so it may take a bit of time to get used to the accent. I didn’t like season 1 so much but 2 and 3 are great. I also liked the two live shows that were recorded as well.

The priest and the beast was probably my favorite episode of The Mighty Boosh. I hope people will find it in better quality somewhere.

Hetero-Heikki by a Finnish friend Niko, a super talented guy in many ways. Sadly he passed away a few years ago. Life is not fair sometimes.

A Finnish view of Vladimir Putin:

And from the same people about the US:

I enjoyed this video where Stephen Colbert makes fun of Trump’s space force program. In the clip below, Colbert tries to help Barack Obama find a new job.

In Conan Without Borders Conan visits different countries and dives into the cultures. In my opinion they are really funny and also shows how intelligent he (a Harvard graduate) is.

Even though he makes fun of almost anything, you can also see that he has a lot of respect to other countries too and has done research about them. In one of his podcasts he says that these foreign trips have also been.

Conan’s visit to Finland was of course a delight. And here is a great one about Japan:

I will probably add many more recommendations to this list once I remember them and

What are your favorite comedies and funny clips?

Also if you are learning Finnish, I recommend checking out my comics that teach Finnish (with common questions and conversational connectors). I have tried to make them funny. At least I was giggling sometimes when I was making them. English translations are included, so you might enjoy them even if you have better things to do than learn Finnish.

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