Learn Finnish for free with fun and interesting videos

Kielinuppu (lit. language bud) songs

Let’s start with some simple songs that teach Finnish. I guess these songs are mainly targeted to Finnish children, but adult learners can, no doubt, pick up some core Finnish vocabulary from them too.

The lyrics are pronounced clearly. What is also great is that they have subtitles! After some serious learning with books, perhaps the Kielinuppu songs will give some refreshing variety to your studies.

High quality Finnish comedy

Or maybe some quality comedy? Wingman (Luottomies) is a comedy series nominated to the 2019 International Emmy Awards. The audio is in Finnish and if you want to use subtitles, they are available both in Finnish and in English. “Luottomies” can be viewed from abroad.

If you like comedy, Kummeli is another good option. It’s a comedy series from the 90s, loved by many Finns. Subtitles are included too. 

You might also enjoy the comedy show Putous. Here is sketch (screenshot above) where they imitate a few famous politicians, including Finnish president Sauli Niinistö. Well, I guess our president isn’t that famous. That is probably because most people in the world think that Finland is a province of Canada, or something.

Ted talks with Finnish subtitles

TED Talks has many interesting videos with Finnish subtitles from some of the smartest people in the world. 

You won’t get the Finnish audio, but picking your favorite topic and seeing Finnish text connected to it can be quite powerful. 

Note that it won’t be just flying subtitles, you can also take your time and read the transcript without hurry.

Moomin animations

Last but not least, I recommend the new animated Moomin series. As you may know, Moomin stories were invented by the Finnish author Tove Jansson.

Her books and comics have been enjoyed by people of all ages. They are certainly not Teletubbies, even though some blasphemies may have been left out from the Moomin animations.

I want to point out that Moomins were animated in the 90s by the Japanese too. The Finnish version goes by the name of “Muumilaakson tarinoita”. The music by Sumio Shiratori is really nice in these older ones. As an adult, I studied Japanese from them and the music brought back the calm feeling of my childhood in Töölö.


As you can see, there is a lot of learning material in Yle Areena. However, many of them maybe taken offline any day, so I recommend taking advantage of these nice videos as soon as possible.

The only show you probably don’t have to worry about is the Moomins. According to the website, they will be available for the next six years. Areena doesn’t always inform us about the “expiration date”.

Learning natural spoken Finnish can be a challenge. I recommend checking out our free Finnish comics that teach that important layer of our language. 

What TV shows or other videos have you used for learning Finnish?

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