Learn Finnish With Free Comics

This page has a list of all the Finnish comics of this website. Hopefully they will help you learn Finnish effectively with some extra fun. 

First, I want to say a few words about colloquial Finnish (puhekieli). The dialogues in these comics are in natural spoken Finnish, which is spoken in Helsinki and in some other cities in southern Finland.

Thanks to media, this form of the language is understood in other parts of the country too. You can read more about colloquial Finnish in this wikipedia article.

Here are the comics:

Cheeky Finnish Girl and Surya (with Conversational Connectors) new!

Getting to Know Yukiya (Common Questions 1)

Angry Learner of Finnish (Common Questions 2)

If the Finnish level in these comics feels a bit high, you may want to watch this video. There you will find basic Finnish questions and other phrases, with English translations.

House Husband (Common Questions 3)

Behind the Scenes (Common Questions 4) part 1 part 2

Mysterious Foreigner (Common Questions 5)

Meeting Daughter’s Boyfriend (Common Questions 6)

Babysitting (Common Questions 7)

If you want to learn most of these questions in Standard Finnish, I recommend checking out these videos (link 1, link 2) from the Youtube channel FinnishWithAnna. She has many good videos about Finnish grammar too. Here is Anna’s website

Walking around Helsinki (with Conversational Connectors)

Chilling at Home (with Conversational Connectors)

A walk outside

More comics coming soon.

Basic Finnish questions and sentences

Here you can watch a video with 99 phrases in natural spoken Finnish. The Standard Finnish equivalents are also included as text.

And below you can find another Youtube video which contains 46 conversational connectors. As an experienced language learner, I can say that they make speaking a lot easier, because they make your sentences longer and more interesting.

If you find these videos and other content useful, please share them with other learners. Thanks! 🙂

Recommendation (not an ad)

How to learn Finnish as easily as possible? I recommend using the Glossika too. In addition to basic phrases, it goes into more specialized vocabulary with thousands of sentences. As you can see from the screenshots below, you can choose the topics to learn.

I use Glossika in my own language studies. I do not get money from this recommendation! I just want to make it easier for people to learn Finnish, and if you want, potentially dive deep into the language.

Other links

I have collected links to fun and interesting videos that you can use in your studies. They include comedy, animations, cute songs and TED talks.

And here are some learning tipsPerhaps you will have fun with the a few of those techniques and resources. There are many ways to learn effectively, usually these are ways that you find enjoyable.