Di dove sei?
Translation: Where are you from?

You can answer it like this. for example.
Vengo dalla Francia. (I’m from France)
Vengo da un altro pianeta. (I’m from another planet.)

Come ti chiami?
What's your name?

You can answer this question like this:
Mi chiamo Tom. (My name is Tom.)

Hai fratelli o sorelle?
Do you have brothers or sisters?

Some possible answers:
Ho un fratello. (I have one brother.)
Ho due fratelli e una sorella. (I have two brothers and one sister.)

Sei mai stato in Italia?
Have you ever been to Italy?


Che posti hai visitato in Italia?
What places did you visit in Italy?


Com'è stato il tuo weekend?
How was your weekend?

If you are asking this from more than person:
“Com’è stato il vostro weekend?”

Dove abiti?
Where do you live?

Sometimes Italians ask it like this ‘Dove vivi?’.

Yes this can be a creepy question, but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

Ti piace la cucina italiana?
Do you like Italian food?

Here’s one way you can answer it:
“Amo il cibo italiano.” (I love Italian food.)

Pensi che l'italiano sia una lingua difficile?
Do you think Italian is a difficult language?


Sei uno studente?
Are you a student?

Feminine form: “Sei una studentessa?”